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Prisioneros de la Tierra

Year: 1939
Translation of the title: Land's prisioners
: Drama
Director: Mario Soffici
Script: Mario Soffici
Camera: Humberto Peruzzi
: Pablo Tabernero
Scenery: Ralph Pappier
Music: Lucio Demare
Edition: José De Nico, Gerardo Rinaldi
Sound: Andrés Szmetan
Actors: Francisco Petrone, Angel Magaña, Roberto Fugazot, Homero Cárpena, Raúl De Lange, Elisa Christian Galvé, Pepito Petray, Félix Tortorelli, Jorge Villoldo, Ulderico Camorino, Agustín Barbosa, Raúl Zaldívar, Luis Lane, Antonio Cardier.
Prisioneros de la Tierra
In 1915, a workers employer for the Misiones lands ("mensúes"), travels to Posadas looking for new employees to hire; among music and drinks, hires one in a bar. Later, travels to the work zone, joined by an european doctor and his daughter. She and the stronger of the "mensúes" hired, get along very well; which makes the employer jealous and punish the worker, gaining him hate his boss and a need of revenge. In the forest, the unjustices and cruelty, become harder. The drink makes the doctor start getting insane and say nonsenses: in one of those episodes, accidentaly doesn't recognize his own daugher and he kills her. When the contract finishes, the worker can't leave due to a fake ammount of money he seems to owe. The mensúes start making fire at the forests and the young man achieves his revenge, by killing the employer...
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