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Luis Sandrini

La danza de la fortuna
Los tres berretines
La casa grande

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Luis Sandrini
Was born i n Buenos Aires, in 1905 - Passed away in Buenos Aires en 1980.
he was an actor's son. Snadrini lived his first years in San Pedro, were he became a teahcer. When he was eighteen, he returned to the capital city, started working with success in a circus y acted as a clown and a tony. He participated in theater groups that played Ibsen, Rostand y Shakespeare. Enrique T. Susini took him to Lumiton Studios, making Los tres berretines its first movie, where he acted. Those were the beginnings of an actor that through his characters, entertained four generations. He was part of the casting of Tango! with a small appearance. He also acted in Riachuelo, La muchachada de a bordo and Cañonero de giles. Manuel Romero filmed the play El diablo andaba en los choclos where Sandrini is the lead character again . As a director, he filmed, for example, Cuando los duendes cazan perdices. His last performance in the cinema, with Niní Marshall, was directed by Palito Ortega in 1980.
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