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Hugo del Carril
Was born in Buenos Aires, in 1912.
He started very young as a singer and in the '30s, his perfomances became popular on the radio. His live shows and recordings became popular as well. This helped him entering into the cinema world, with the help of Manuel Romero, who asked for his presence in 1936 to sing a tango in the film Los muchachos de antes no usaban gomina. Immediately after that, he was hired by Lumiton for films such as La vida es un tango. From that moment on, he developed a double career of singer and actor, and got a big opportunity in that country and in Latin America. By the end of years '40s, he was- with Luis Sandrini- the best paid actor of the industry. Later he would film La cabalgata del Circo, El último payador, Historia del 900, where he participates as a director. He would also gain big fame with his film Las aguas bajan turbias, where he would show the disput between high and low classes.
Years later, in a bad economic situation and with several health problems, passed away in Buenos Aires, in 1989
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