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La guerra gaucha

Year: 1941
Tranlation of the title: The gaucha war
: Historic
Director: Lucas Demare
Script: Ulyses Petit de Murat, Homero Manzi
Camera: Humberto Peruzzi
: Bob Roberts
Scenery: Ralph Pappier
Wardrobe: Sastrería Casa Machado
Music: Lucio Demare
Sound: Jorge Di Lauro
Actors: Enrique Muiño, Francisco Petrone, Angel Magaña, Sebastián Chiola, Amelia Bence, Ricardo Galache, Elvira Quiroga, Dora Ferreiro, René Mugica, Joaquín Pérez Bilbao, Ricardo Reynaldi, Raúl Merlo, José Prausse, Antonia Rojas, Leticia Scury, Laura Moreno.
La guerra gaucha
In Salta, at the independance war, one teniet of the spanish army, - born in Perú- gets hurt by the General Martín de Güemes' army. He is healed at a patriotic farm owner, who slowly,will make him understand the american cause of justice. At the same time, the gauchos get help from a priest that runs a small church, that is settled near the realist forces, that pretends loyalty to the king but with the dings of the bells, sends messages to the hidden gauchos in the mountains. When the church is discovered, is fired and destroyed. The priest, blind, becomes, without even noticing, as a guide for the enemy to the patriotic tents. The gauchos are killed, but the tenient, survivor of the attack, joins to the Güemes army, and gets ready for the battle.
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