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Dios se lo pague

Year: 1948
Translation of the title: God pays you

: Drama
Director: Luis César Amadori
Script: Luis César Amadori, Tulio Demicheli
Camera: Jorge Giacovino
: Alberto Etchebehere
Scenery: Gori Muñoz
Wardrobe: Jorge de las Longas
Music: Juan Ehlert
Sound: Mario Fezia, Carlos Marín
Actors: Arturo de Córdova, Zully Moreno, Florindo Ferraio, Enrique Chaico, Federico Masilla, Zoe Ducós, José Comellas, Deneb Renshaw, Mariela Reyes, José A. Paonessa, Tito Grassi, Mercedes Perdiguero, Ramón Garay, Amadora Gerbolés, Eloísa Martínez, Adolfo Linvel
Dios se lo pague
Juca is a worker, stolen by his chief of an invention's plan. His wife has comitted suicide for that fact and he decided to take revenge for that. He wears a homeless costume and with the tips he becomes a millionaire. He knows a hooker and makes her his lover. Later, she plans to escape with another man, who turnes out to be Juca's chief son . Whe he finds that out, the fake homeless decides no going ahead with his revenge in order to make her, whom he has fallen in love with,can be happy...
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